I know! Let’s give hulking wrestler Kane an axe and let him get medieval on a bunch of juvenile delinquents! That’s probably about all the pre-production that went into this paint-by-numbers stalk and chop entry. And for the most part, it’s enough.

A group of misfit misdemeanor offenders from the County Detention Center are assigned a work detail at the formerly swanky, now deserted, Hotel Blackwell. As is so often the case, they run afoul of a truculent tenant in the massive form of Jacob Goodnight (Kane) a brutish killer who plucks the eyes from his victims. Through a series of jittery flashbacks we learn that Jacob’s mother abused the poor lad, making him live in a cage for having the audacity to look at pornography. Her ranting and raving about “the eyes being the windows to the soul,” inspires the tormented kid to grow into an XXXL and kill loads and loads of people.

Literally, the biggest thing See No Evil has going for it is Kane, a 7-foot, bald behemoth who doesn’t need special effects to look menacing. Yet, he’s got a little bit of confusion and sorrow that plays across his features from time to time, which makes him just a wee bit sympathetic. Also, Final Girls Christine (Christine Vidol) and Kira (Samantha Noble, daughter of Fringe‘s John Noble) are both tough as nails and hold up well under extreme duress. The violence is gung-ho over the top, and there are some particularly tasty demises, including that of Melissa (Penny McNamee), a hippie animal rights activist who ends up as a screaming plate of kibble for a pack of wild dogs.

There’s nothing radically innovative going on here, but if you’re simply in the mood for some first-rate mayhem, you could do a lot worse.