The Colony (2013)



When in doubt, a frozen hellscape will definitely add depth and dread to your horror movie—even if the main characters in The Colony spend entirely too much time hiking around on another egregious AIW (Anonymous Industrial Walkabout). Still, the production values here are decent, the story is reasonably compelling and the atmosphere is chillingly claustrophobic. The presence of a couple genre vets in Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, doesn’t hurt either.

Nuclear winter has fallen and in a few lonely outposts, humanity attempts to restart society underground. The titular colony has suffered a drop in numbers lately, thanks to a nasty flu that’s been going around. This is usually followed by the afflicted citizen either getting shot by an increasingly paranoid Mason (Paxton) or being sent on “the walk,” a stroll through the aforementioned frozen hellscape which offers a grimly minuscule chance at survival. But hey! At least they have a choice!

When Briggs (Fishburne), the colony commander, loses radio contact with one of the few remaining outposts, he takes a small team out to investigate. And here come the cannibals, led by a fearsome bald giant (Dru Viergever). But how can three guys fight a ravenous mob? Unsuccessfully, as it turns out.

There’s nothing blazingly innovative going on in The Colony, but cowriter and director Jeff Renfroe keeps it moving with a minimum of stupid crap we don’t care about—despite a surfeit of aimless rambling. You will watch, you will care, and you will be effectively entertained.